Investment Properties >> Undervalued Homes is dedicated to marketing undervalued homes, homes that are priced below market value. Homes can be undervalued for many reasons;
  • Disrepair - the homeowners discount the property because the home needs repair or some type of work to bring it up to match the surrounding home values.

  • Foreclosure - when homeowners are unable to make their mortgage note and the bank repossess or forecloses on the home. Investors can sometimes find deals in foreclosed real estate because the bank will sell the home for the cost of the loan principal the homeowners were unable to pay, which may be at a discounted price.

  • Time Factors - some homeowners will sell their home at a discounted rate to get out of the property quickly.

  • Inherited Homes - Occasionally people who acquire homes from an inheritance or settlement will sell at an undervalued prices because they are looking to make money as fast as they can from the property.

Sellers of undervalued homes usually sell because of a repair issue with the home. Sounds crazy doesnít it? Most people would think that selling a home at such huge discounts would have to mean the seller has a financial issue, but that is rarely ever the case. As crazy as it sounds, most homeowners who are looking to sell their homes to an investor are selling because of a repair issue that they donít want to be troubled with; therefore the price of the home is significantly discounted. The real deals are usually repair issues, and investors should realize this before meeting with any homeowner to discuss purchasing a home.

Usually the best deals investors will find are homeowners who are selling homes where they themselves did not earn the equity. Usually people who acquire homes from an inheritance or settlement are usually looking to make money as fast as they can from the property. They are not interested in putting time and effort into fixing things that are in disrepair therefore they sell the homes at a discounted price and it has been our experience these are usually the best investments we have come across. Click on the links below to learn about other types of investment properties. offers a wide range of tools in the learning center. Investors can also search for investment real estate across the nation on investment property search.


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